Producer-Yanwen Lu


Producer-Yanwen Lu: Yanwen Lu is originally from China and lived in Singapore for 6 years before coming to Canada. She loves traveling and seeing the world. She did two shows in China and that is where she realized her passion was more behind the scenes that in front of the camera. She enjoys producing films and dreams of one day owning her own production company and restaurant.

 Director-Sofia Lane


Director-Sofia Lane: Born in the fiercely cold Russian tundra, Sofia Lane gave up a life of crime and power in the Soviet motherland to move to Canada where she decided to dedicate herself to filmmaking. She is passionate about writing and directing, with other areas of interest including cinematography and sound design. She considers herself lucky to have the opportunity to work with such talented comrades and hopes to continue helming films in the future. She enjoys wearing black clothing to prevent over stimulation of the masses.

 Production Manager-Ashley Sewnarian


Production Manager-Alshey Sewnarain: Ashley aspires to be a professional production designer, in both Film & Television. She is native to Toronto and grew up in the southern parts of Innisfil. She was raised both indulging in the urban life and also the tranquil calmness of cottage country. She feels her upbringing had a large effect on her behavior and ability to handle social settings. Through elementary and high school she had a vast interest in design and the arts, but decided to take a detour and focus on the sciences to attain a degree in Forensic science. Because of her undying interest she could not choose in the end, she applied to both Forensic studies, Film studies, and Sheridan College for Business. Out of grave confusion and a little help from her high school counselor she decided to go to Sheridan and get a Diploma, but her studies she knew this was not the path she wanted to take. After long consideration and research she found herself applying and getting accepted into media arts, where she would like to pursue her Degree and finally pursue a career in Production Design.

 Assistant Director-Ethan Nagy


Assistant Director-Ethan Nagy: Ethan Nagy was born in Hamilton, ON and is an aspiring musician and filmmaker. His passion has always been writing: lyrics for songs, fiction novels, and screenplays. Overall he sees a hopeful future using his knowledge of filmmaking to create amazing music videos, both for his own music and for big time artists. When it comes down to media visionaries, he takes a huge influence from Gwen Stefani, David O’ Russell, Beyonce, Francis Lawrence, and Iggy Azalea. His dream is to work and learn from their artistic insight.

Director of Photography-Brad Waller


Brad Waller-Director of Photography: Brad Waller was born in Toronto, Ontario in October of 1989. His love for cinematography was passed down from many generations as his grandparents were both heavily involved in the photography/art scene in the early 1930s. Brad studied fine arts throughout high school and his early college years, giving him a keen eye for composition and lighting. He later adopted his knowledge of art into cinematography where he continues to explore the realm of light in new and innovative ways.



 Script Supervisor-Trish Young


Trish Young-Script Supervisor: Trish Young is a second year media arts film student currently enrolled at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario. She has a passion for film and the way you can create anything you can imagine. Making it come to life. She enjoys listening to music and spending time with friends, but her overall favourite thing is being on set. She loves the rush of a busy day trying to keep on schedule. She thinks it is great knowing that she has the opportunity to really do what she loves in this world. She loves to be behind the camera and also work in post production with editing the footage together and colour correcting. She has had a great couple of years in film and hopes for many more to come.

 Sound Mixer-Luke Dante


Sound Mixer-Luke Dante: Born in New York City, Luke Dante was exposed to film and music at a very young age. He started off editing with his father as well as working camera as he got older. Luke is also a musician, working to become a composer and post sound specialist in the industry.

Boom Op-Ocean Jordan


Boom Op-Ocean Jordan: Ocean Jordan is from a small town called Parry Sound. She has been interested in working on films since 2008 when her older brother introduced her to his film work with his friends. Upon graduating high school in 2012, she began her studies in Media Fundamentals at Sheridan College. In 2013 she was accepted into Media Arts and is currently enjoying her second year. After graduation from Media Arts she is hoping to pursue a career in the post audio industry and/or editing.

Gaffer-Matt LaVigne


Gaffer-Matt LaVigne: Matt LaVigne was the gaffer on the production Proverbs 141. He always enjoys working on set and had an especially awesome time lighting the scenes in Proverbs. He worked hard even through the many last minute changes that happened. Matt is a very active person, playing lots of high intensity and adrenalin sports. He loves movies and being outdoors. Hoping that he is able to express his love in his various artistic works.

Props/Grip-Devin Rintoul


Grip/Props-Devin Rintoul: Devin’s story begins with the beginning of time. The cosmos were created and earth was formed, and within the vast sea, he appeared. He wasn’t human at first, merely a particle, floating in the depths. When the volcanoes erupted and land appeared, he was able to find new dwellings in the open air. Time went by and soon enough Devin found himself a member of a small pack of wolves. They shared many struggles, especially through the winters when once they attempted to put down a great mammoth. But now he reside here in human form, master of props and grip, awaiting his next calling.


Assistant Camera-Daniel Cohen


1st AC-Daniel Cohen: Daniel Cohen was born and raised from the mysterious east. He grew up making short films with his older brother. As he got older he he continued to create films and eventually decided to major in Film Studies at Dalhousie University. Once he completed his BA he decided to move to different parts of the world to learn various cultures and gain experience. After three years in Asia he decided to finally return to Canada and film production by enrolling at Sheridan College in the Media Arts program. Now he considers himself a master focus puller. Living, breathing, dreaming, of pulling focus.



Cinam Erik Zee – Production Assistant


Cinam Erik Zee is a 21 year old Sheridan College student pursuing a career in cinematography. Hoping to eventually work on feature documentary and films, he has helped out on numerous sets such as A Game of Deceit, Dear Child, Proverbs 141, Furry, and other PSA’s.





“Love this art”


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