Denise-Valerie Lecomte


Valerie Lecomte has been living in Canada since 2004, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. She is French and Canadian. She is also a member of UDA and ACTRA. She started her acting career in France where she took part in many feature films and short films. She also produced, directed and acted in her own short film : À Coeur Ouvert (Paris, France). In Vancouver, B.C., she founded her own company to provide acting classes, workshops and public readings in French. She also played in short films. In 2010 she became the mom of Evan. In Toronto, she considers “Proverbs 141” directed by Sofia Lane as a new start.

 Jim-Peter Nelson


Peter is a graduate of the University of Toronto where he studied engineering. He eventually found building characters preferable to building bridges and thus his improv/acting career. Voted by his engineering classmates as the guy least likely to have an affair (Women say “ahhh”, men say “idiot”), he is married with three daughters which convinces him that God has a sense of humour. He moves easily between drama and comedy with some of his stage appearances listed as Lennox in the David Gardner directed Macbeth at Hart House theatre. He also appeared as Pierre Gravel in “Yesterday the Children were Dancing” at the Village Playhouse. Most recently, he has concentrated on film and commercial work. Peter has a lovely wife and three daughters, which is why he created a safe-room in his basement so he could occasionally escape the estrogen.



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